Guide List

  • Yoko Fujisaka



    Hello! I’m Yoko Fujisaka. I like nature, art, history and to share them with travelers from all over the world. Please come and join us to explore Hiroshima and let’s find something special together.

    Tengo licencia nacional de guía turística en inglés y español. Llevo en esta actividad más de 10 años. Me gusta la historia, el arte y el ciclismo y disfrutarlas con los turistas. Japón es un país con una larga e interesante historia y cultura lo que podemos descubrir en su viaje al archipiélago. ¡Vamos juntos!


  • Mariko Miwa
  • Hello! I’m Mariko MIWA or Mary.

    I’ve been working as a national-licensed tour guide for more than 15 years. I’m very grateful that I can meet so many nice people and visit many places in Japan with them.

    Here in my hometown Hiroshima, I would like to offer you especially memorable tours.

    And I love traditional Japanese culture.

    I’ve practiced the Way of tea for more for 30 years. I’m a licensed-kimono dresser.

    It would also be great if I could share my zeal with you.

    See you in Hiroshima.


  • Sachi Sakamoto
  • Hi, travelers, I’m Sachi Sakamoto, a licensed tour guide. I hail from eastern Hiroshima Prefecture where there are lots of wonderful places to see. “Tomo-no-Ura” is a beautiful small historical port town where time has stood still for hundreds of years. And then there’s the “Shimanami cycling road,” the most picturesque cycling road in all of Japan. It spans right across the Seto Inland Sea and the panoramic view from the magnificent bridges and islands are simply breathtaking. Come and enjoy the calm blue sea, the gentle breeze and the exquisitely warm and friendly atmosphere of these truly unique destinations.


  • Kumiko Tanimoto
  • Hello! I’m Kumiko Tanimoto, a licensed tour guide. Having lived in Hiroshima for around 40 years, I’ve found that Hiroshima is just like a “treasure box” filled with enchanting places, rich nature, delicious foods and so on. Please come to Hiroshima and open the “treasure box” with me!


  • Tetsuhiro Murakami
  •  tetsuhiro murakami

    Hello, I am Tetsuhiro Murakami, or Teddy.

    I am a national-licensed tour guide with experience over more than 20 years.

    I enjoy chemistry with guests from various countries during tour, sharing history and culture about Hiroshima and Japan.

    I would be happy  if we could share a good time together.





  • Team Miyajima
  • Welcome to Miyajima!

    Team Miyajima is a group of national licensed guides who LOVE Miyajima. The more we learn about Miyajima, the more we fall in love with this island.


    If you want to explore this beautiful island to your heart’s content, please join our walking tour. We believe this will be a highlight of your visit to Japan.


    We look forward to seeing you in Miyajima!

    Please visit our blog.