Architecture in Hiroshima: Peace Center & Naka Plant

Guided Tour Naka Incineration Plant & Peace Center

Located at the seafront, this mega plant ingeniously links the city and the water with its raised glassy walkway penetrating the building. Architect TANIGUCHI Yoshio, who successfully carried out MoMA’s extension built this handsome, immaculate waste treatment complex. Funnily enough, it’s a good place for family fun and a romantic date. The itinerary may include an inner plant technical tour, which requires reservation in advance. The tour then takes you to Peace Memorial Park & Museum, a masterpiece completed by TANGE Kenzo, TANIGUCHI’s mentor. The park and the museum speak of Hiroshima’s resilience and universal message of peace to visitors. A round walk in the park gives you a chance to listen to historical facts and in-depth human stories as well as architectural details and anecdotes. After the tour is disbanded, guests are encouraged to spend enough time in the museum.

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This tour is not currently available. Please inquire if you have a special request.

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