Shimanami Cycling Tour 3C [45 km]

Guided Tour JR Pass

Cycling from Ikuchijima to Omishima & Visit Oyamazumi Shinto Shrine

Starting/finishing point and destination are same as Tour 3A but we go on cycling to and from Oyamazumi Shinto Shrine passing through a cycling path in the woods, mountain and seaside. We go back to Setoda around 5:00 PM where our tour ends.

This tour is not available at the moment.

Tour Date:

Daily (Closed from Dec. 25 to Jan. 4 and in February)

Tour Fee:

Guide  fee: ¥10,000 (1 person), ¥ 16,000 (2 persons), ¥ 18,000 (3 persons), ¥ 20,000 (4 to 5 persons)

Boat from Mihara to Setoda: ¥840

Bike rental: ¥1,100

Tatara Bridge toll: —


7 hours and 50 minutes

Meeting Time & Point:

9:10 am at JR Mihara Station South Exit

* Please consult us concerning your desired meeting time and point.

Finishing Time & Point:

5:00 pm at Setoda on Ikuchijima Island


09:10 Meet at JR Mihara Station. 10-min walk to Mihara Port.
09:45 Depart Mihara Port by boat.
10:13 Arrive at Setoda Port. 10-min walk to Setoda Kankokyokai to pick up a bike.
10:50 Shimanami Kaido Cycling (17 km).
12:30 Lunch and visit Oyamazumi Shrine.
14:00 Shimanami Kaido Cycling (28 km).
17:00 Arrive at Setoda and return a bike. End of the tour.
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To get to and leave Mihara:

Please contact us.


* Lunch is not included in the tour fee.

* We eat at a local restaurant.

* Wear sporty dress and shoes.

* Tour will be canceled if reservation counts less than two.

* Tour will be canceled in case of bad weather and you’ll be informed the previous night.

* For details please feel free to ask anything about the tour to Ms. Fujisaka.

Reservation & Inquiry:

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Guide Profile:

  • Yoko Fujisaka



    Hello! I’m Yoko Fujisaka. I like nature, art, history and to share them with travelers from all over the world. Please come and join us to explore Hiroshima and let’s find something special together.

    Tengo licencia nacional de guía turística en inglés y español. Llevo en esta actividad más de 10 años. Me gusta la historia, el arte y el ciclismo y disfrutarlas con los turistas. Japón es un país con una larga e interesante historia y cultura lo que podemos descubrir en su viaje al archipiélago. ¡Vamos juntos!


  • Sachi Sakamoto
  • Hi, travelers, I’m Sachi Sakamoto, a licensed tour guide. I hail from eastern Hiroshima Prefecture where there are lots of wonderful places to see. “Tomo-no-Ura” is a beautiful small historical port town where time has stood still for hundreds of years. And then there’s the “Shimanami cycling road,” the most picturesque cycling road in all of Japan. It spans right across the Seto Inland Sea and the panoramic view from the magnificent bridges and islands are simply breathtaking. Come and enjoy the calm blue sea, the gentle breeze and the exquisitely warm and friendly atmosphere of these truly unique destinations.


  • Dragon hovering around the bridge – 2012-11-29 23:37:22 JST (UTC+9)
  • See a dragon with your inner eyes – 2012-11-01 16:44:24 JST (UTC+9)


    This is the Tatara Grand Bridge and the sky a dragon soars. As I’ve written in former articles, you can get to hear the dragon for the first time in your life if you come to the bridge. Look up and see it to yourself.

    posted by jasmine


  • Look for a dragon in the sky – 2012-11-01 16:36:28 JST (UTC+9)
  • Never heard how dragons make sound? Hold the two bars on the railing and hit them against each other. You’ll  get some curious resounding. That’s the dragon responding to your call. Cross the Grand Tatara Bridge. That’s where you can get to hear the dragon!    

     posted by jasmine