Autumn leaves in Miyajima

February 11th, 2012 | Posted by Team Miyajima in Miyajima Walks - (0 Comments)

Japanese people love watching colorful autumn leaves very much as well as cherry blossoms.Famous spots for watching them are so crowded throughout Japan in late November.   These small stone statues look very nice with orange and yellow maple leaves. The most popular spot to enjoy autumn leaves in Miyajima is“Momijidani Park”(Maple Valley Park) This lady from US … Read more

Two Americans and one British who were staying at the same backpackers hostel attended the walking tour in October. With blue sky in the back Great Torii Gate looked really beautiful.After visiting Itsukushima Shrine, we walked up the small hill and about100 stone stairs to get to a spacious Temple compound.  These small Budhism stone statues … Read more

We’ve been working as a tour guide in Hiroshima for English speaking people .As big Miyajima fans ourselves we often visit this island and do enjoy its nature and historical spots.  Last fall we launched Miyajima Walking Tour.This nice couple is our first guest. Miki is explaining about “samurai battle” which took place here in … Read more