AUTUMN LEAVES SEASON has just started

October 25th, 2012 | Posted by Team Miyajima in Miyajima Walks - (Comments Off)

“Momijidani Park”(Maple Valley Park) is a very popular spot in Miyajima. Especially in autumn a lot of people come here to enjoy autumn foliage. Go down to the brook and enjoy listening to the sound of stream!

HOT & COOL!! ~Miyajima in summer~

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                                             The clear summer sky really matches well with this vermillion Torii Gate.                                                When the tide becomes lower, a lot of people go down to the beach and                                                bathe their feet in the water.  The best way to escape from the summer heat!!                                                     This nice lady and her handsome son from Oregon also enjoyed walking                                                       in the … Read more

After attending the conference held at Hiroshima University, they came to Miyajima to join the tour. Blessed with a nice weather,  they did enjoy visiting Itsukushima Shrine and many other interesing sopts in the island. Thank you for attending the tour and I hope to see you again!