To the Kurushima Strait Grand Bridge

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  Here we go, coming closer to the last bridge to Imabari, Ehime, Shikoku. The grandest of all the shimanami bridges, completed in 1999, is about four kilometers long. Precisely speaking, three suspension bridges are combined to make the whole Kurushima strait grand bridge, the first of its kind in the world. See the six … Read more

See the lamp post in the autumn sky

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This is Ikuchi Bashi bridge. This time the lamp posts attracted our attention. Lovely design. Lots of people in many fields must have got involved to construct this bridge of serenity. Posted by jasmine

HOT & COOL!! ~Miyajima in summer~

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                                             The clear summer sky really matches well with this vermillion Torii Gate.                                                When the tide becomes lower, a lot of people go down to the beach and                                                bathe their feet in the water.  The best way to escape from the summer heat!!                                                     This nice lady and her handsome son from Oregon also enjoyed walking                                                       in the … Read more